Batman: Arkham City will not be getting a next-gen version when it releases later this year as the development team has decided to focus entirely on current gen consoles. That being said, there will be some next-gen features in the PC version of the game.

In the latest Arkham Origins trailer, the developers show off the game running on Nvidia’s latest desktop GPUs. With PhysX enabled, players will be able to take advantage of next-gen features like a cape with movements dictated by natural movements instead of animations. The addition of PhysX also adds realistic fog to the game in which players can interact with.



Batman: Arkham City set a new standard for PC ports of console titles when it came out in 2011 by adding all the features that PC gamers have come to expect from native PC titles. With Batman Arkham Origins, it looks like Warner Bros. Montreal will be keeping that tradition alive.

When Batman: Arkham Origins launches on October 25, PC gamers will no doubt be getting a superior experience.